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Monday, February 24, 2014

Children #6 See No Sea

..".dealing with bullies was bad enough before they had hundreds of razor sharp teeth..." Lee's tried her best to downplay her extraordinary swimming abilities. Who needs more attention when you're already six feet tall at fifteen? Can you say 'Bully Magnet'? So when she's sent to a land locked town in British Columbia to train with an elite swim team, Lee's beyond horrified. Her summer is over before it even began. Now all she wants to do is get through it. Practiced at evading teen politics, the droolworthy Minnesota boys and a feisty new friend from Boston offer some unanticipated new possibilities for Lee. But the venomous local Queen B hates her on sight, and is determined to take her down. Then there's Pete, the alluring boy Lee meets at the park. Alluring, heck, the guy's freaking gorgeous! Hotness aside, Pete's a bit...unusual, but connects with Lee in a way that she doesn't understand. When he reveals himself to be a mythical aquatic creature, Lee's swept into a whirlpool of emotions, magic, mystery...and danger. When two worlds collide, someone won't be going home... Here's what some readers are saying about See No Sea, ..".thoroughly got sucked into it...I can't wait to read more!" - Stephanie V.M. "I feel like I can really identify with this main character...I want more!" - Keturah M. "See No Sea" is appropriate for teens, tweens, and the rest of us hopeless romantics looking for a light, fun read. A paranormal romance without the vampires or werewolves, we're taking love and like to a whole other realm, where mermen are real and humans are slaves. Dive into "See No Sea!"

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